07 September 2008

What to do when your kitchen sink is chocked?

What to do when your kitchen sink is chocked?

Two bowl kitchen sink. The middle small one is for spoons, forks and other small items...or for sponge bob...!!!! square pants...???? neh neh neh neh neh.....

all the 3 join into one kitchen sink drain pipe which ended at the cup.

From the cup the drain pipe ism join to the main kitchen drain pipe that goes underneath the tiles.

A hole in front of the cabinet that also leads to the kitchen main drain pipe.

But there no access to the main kitchen drain hole.

It is underneath one of the loose tile.

It is dark and smelly in there. A potential coakcroach and mosquito breeding place. Suggest that you regularly spray this hole and the front hole with insecticide. Now see my sketch of the whole picture....

........and now the tips on how to clear the choke........

What to do when your kitchen sink is chocked?

You need not impulsively call a plumber, who will only scissor your pocket, or cut your throat or perhaps even kill you with a bomb…..!!!!!

Here are some tips. Try them outn first, if you cannot fix it then call me, “The Choke Buster”.

I will give you my name and contact later. I’m not important, but it you who is very important, as you are facing the problem, and fighting your war with “The Choke”.

First before we go to the tips, let’s us discuss the signs and symptoms of a choke.
water drain out very slowly.
If you pour lots of water in one sink, it come out in the other sink. This signs is for kitchen with 2 sinks, side by side.

Threat this tips like First Aid tips.:-

Use the plumber’s pump to pump the choke away from your kitchen sink.

If step 1 cannot work, then go down to the bottom of your kitchen sink. Unscrew the cap of your kitchen sink’s pipe. You will find lots of things got choked in this cap. Normally, it is because of hairs and toothpicks, which are the main causes of all chokes. I will try to provide pictures later on, if available. Otherwise, you can explore the ‘behind the scene’ of your kitchen sink to find this cap.

If step 2 cannot work, then, you have to explore further, to see where does the water go to from this cap. Normally, the water will flow up again from the cap, into another drain pipe. This pipe will bring the water to the main drain pipe of your house. In step 2, we are at the drain pipe of the kitchen sink. This step is a lillte bit difficult, but, I am telling you it is worthwhile, though, this exploration may be very smelly.

This main drain pipe is normally underneath the kitchen cabinet, and can be very far away from your kitcchen sink. This depends very much on the design of your kitchen. In one of my case, it was only about 1metre away, but, I had to sweat myself out to find it, as it was hidden underneath the one of tiles.

I discovered it because I saw a small gap on the floor at the front of the kitchen cabinet. I cleared all the stuffs in the cabinet at that area, but found no drain hole. This hole is also the drain hole that leads to the main drain pipe, to drain all water out from the kitchen floor. Every kitchen must have this, so that we can drain the water out when we wash the kitchen.

I almost gave it up. But I thought, I might as well clean the tile in that area, as all the stuff are out. While wiping the tiles I found out that one of the tile is loose. I lifted it out and found the drain hole.

It was very dark and smelly in that drain hole. I shone my torchlight into the drain pipe and found that it was blocked or choked by something that looks like a piece of cloth. I put in a stick to find out that it was hard and was about half-a-metre deep. I stirred the choke and discovered it was thick.

I get a pail ready beside the drain hole, and start digging out ‘The Choke”

You want to know what “The Choke” was?

It was not a piece of cloth or newspaper, but it was a thick layer of fat.

Yeah…it was a thick layer of animal fats, accumulated over 5 years, since the time of the previous owner of the house.

Obviously, the previous owner never have explored until that far, where I was exploring.

After clearing the fats, I close everything back and tested the kitchen sink, and everything was back to normal.

It was very unbearable, as the smell really stink. Imagine, keeping animal fat for 5 years plus additional wastes that got stuck in between the fats…!!!

But I swear it was wothwhile, because the plumber will easily charge you S$200 if not more.

Good Luck. May ALLAH make things easy for you in all your affairs, because, only ALLAH can change all affairs, from difficult to easy, and vice-versa.
...........and just the same as above ......
our body and spiritual system may also get choked.
As we are created by ALLAH the Almighty GOD and the Greatest and the Most Clever, he has already supplied us with the tips on how to overcome the choke of our physical body and our spitual soul.
1. Read the Quran. This is a kind of breathing exercise if you look it from the scientific view. From the spiritual advice of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, reading Quran will pump away the Choke of the satan who are running in our body via our blood vessels. After we have pump the satan out from our blood vessels, the tendencies of getting a high cholestrol blockage is very slim. However, we read and memorize the Quran, not to become a Hafeez, or an alim but rather reading the Quran is the commandments of GOD, and memorizing it is the way of life, shown as example to us by Prophet Muhammad.


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